Welcome to CTM Printpack.

Your one-stop shop for all your printing and packaging needs.

CTM Printpack is a joint venture between a couple of childhood friends based in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
Ms. Yen Tran lives locally and have extensive experiences in importing and exporting working at her family owned business.
Mr. Steven Le is an expat from Down Under, who used to operate his family’s printing and packaging company. Mr. Le has completed university, worked in various industries including retail and construction while in Australia.

At CTM Printpack, we specialise in cost-effective high volume printing using KBA, HEIDELBERG offset printer and WOHLENBERG Guillotine. To achieve consistent color of finely detailed graphics, we employ the Pantone color matching system. With the Pantone Matching System, color consistency is guaranteed, from design to client, to pre-press, through the pressroom, to final delivery.
We also provide innovative solution for all your packaging needs. From printed cartons, folding cartons, gift boxes, carry bags, UV coated and embossed packing, wet-glue labels, shrink-sleeves, in-mould labels, flexible packaging, etc…to suit your requirement.

Its’ not About Us, its’ also About You! And ultimately, about your customer. We understand that the supply chain has to be healthy for everyone to survive.  The more products that we can help you sell, the more printing and packaging you will need.
We want to be part of your business growth and success. So don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be looking forward to adding you to our list of satisfied business partners.

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